Why try osteopathy for pregnancy

Treatment in pregnancy can help with the discomfort in the back and pelvis and prepare the body for birthing by allowing the bones, muscles and connective tissue to be in as best balance as possible. Treating during pregnancy and childhood can also be viewed as a form of preventative medicine, by reducing strain and tension which then promotes balance as the child grows, off setting the chance of symptoms presenting themselves.

Why try osteopathy for babies & children

Babies and children present with a wide range of issues. Most common baby complaints that present at the Practice relate to tummy, feeding, and general irritability. Older children may present with postural challenges and symptoms which may be affecting their development.

How does it work

The body has an inbuilt self healing mechanism in order to maintain health. Your body will always try to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a helping hand. Osteopathy is a detailed system of hands on diagnosis and treatment designed to release abnormal stresses and strains in the body. This then facilitates the body's own self regulating healing forces to resolve the symptoms and can be the catalyst to assist your body to regain its healthy balance.