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We hope this site provides you with all the information you need on what Osteopathy is and how it may be able to help you and your family.

Osteopathy is a unique detailed total body treatment which engages the body’s own innate drive towards normal function. It is highly effective for specific acute injuries and chronic health issues. Tension in one system, can affect the whole body. Relieving tensions and strains in one area can have far reaching beneficial effects across all systems.Your body will always try to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a helping hand. Osteopathy can be the catalyst to assist your body to regain its healthy balance.

Here at Shrewsbury Osteopaths we listen in detail to your case history and your opinions about how your body feels and the causes that may have started the problems. Every person is different so every osteopathic assessment and treatment plan is individual to you. We have created a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere which we all enjoy working in. 

Shrewsbury Osteopaths specialise in Cranial Osteopathy. This is a very gentle Osteopathic whole body approach. Cranial Osteopathy is very often the treatment of choice for patients, as it is gentle, subtle in approach and profound in action.

Who we are...

Susan and Richard Allen set up their Osteopathic Practice in 1979, the longest established practice in the west midlands and one of the most experienced practices in the country. They each have extensive post graduate training in Cranial Osteopathy and have been teaching and tutoring on post graduate cranial courses since 1985 and have mentored the next family generation working at the practice.