What our patients say

Judith and her daughter Tabitha

My 11-year-old daughter had unfortunately had a few mishaps from the summer of 2012. Damaged toe, twisted knee, very badly sprained arm from trapping it in a door handle at school, and the final straw, ear ache that went on for months which was very distressing to the whole family and affected her schooling as well.

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I started a course of treatment with Rick, late 2009, shortly before I was 'medically' diagnosed with a prolapsed disc with severe leg pain that had become unbearable to manage.

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I have suffered from flare ups of fibromyalgia over the past twenty years, so when my family moved to Shropshire from Sussex, I was faced with finding a new Cranial Osteopath.

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Following 2 road accidents in one week, I was in shock and very traumatised. Two weeks later, I still had a persistent headache and felt tired all the time.

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Helen and her Son

Thomas was 4 months old when he had bronchitis. From then on he had regular chest infections which resulted in antibiotics, steroids and at times being admitted to hospital.

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