What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths have a comprehensive understanding of how the body operates and work on a deep level with the various inter connected systems: anatomical, physiological and neurological. Tension in one system, can affect another.  Relieving tensions and strains in one system can have far reaching beneficial effects across all systems.

Osteopathy is a total body treatment which engages the body’s own innate drive towards normal function. Your body will always try to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a helping hand. Osteopathy can be the catalyst to assist your body to regain its healthy balance.

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Shrewsbury Osteopaths specialise in Cranial Osteopathy, rather than Structural Osteopathy, that is used by some Osteopaths who prefer to use more manipulative techniques.

The name Cranial can be mis-leading as it implies treatment to the head whereas the Osteopathic principles of treatment used are actually applied to all parts of the body, including the head.

Osteopaths skilled in the cranial approach have spent many hours and often years on postgraduate training refining their palpatory skills to be receptive to subtle patterns of motion and analysing these according to their anatomical and physiological knowledge. These rhythmical patterns of motion are expressed through the bones and membranes of the skull and all the tissues of the body and have been likened to a form of respiration and are sometimes referred to as primary respiration.

It can at first appear to the patient as more of a “listening “process than a “doing” process.  However the Osteopath is helping the body to restore integrated motion in the tissues by assisting the self-correcting and self-healing mechanisms to function more effectively and hence allows the body to return to normal. Treatment therefore occurs as a result of the Osteopaths understanding and knowledge being brought to focus on the patient’s problems and quiet attention to the health pattern within.

Cranial Osteopathy is very often the treatment of choice for patients, as it is gentle and subtle in approach but profound in action.

Can Osteopathy be used alongside Medical Treatment?

Osteopathy will rarely conflict with any other forms of treatment you may be receiving, including medical.  In your first consultation, if your Osteopath does feel there is a potential conflict they will discuss this with you and can liaise with Doctors if needed.

Does it hurt?

Cranial Osteopathy works with gentle touch, it is not manipulative or painful. It uses highly effective re-balancing procedures to integrate the body’s systems.