Antony and Family


My first experience being treated by Rick Allen was when I was in my teens, many years ago.  Doctors could not work out what was causing the pain in my knee, so I was recommended to go to see a Cranial Osteopath.  I was amazed when Rick carried out gentle finger movements on the back of my head and I felt a hot sensation inside my knee.  Not only did Rick diagnose the problem, but also removed the pain after just a couple of sessions.


I have now turned forty, and have a family of my own.  Each of us have been to see Rick over the years, with Lucy receiving support through her pregnancy, and then on each of the kids when they were born.  Our first child had a traumatic drawn out birth, culminating in an emergency caesarean.  The doctors in the hospital carried out the usual checks before sending us home with our new-born.  As soon as we could, we took her for a treatment from Rick.  It was amazing to see how Charlotte visibly relaxed within minutes of the treatment starting, and afterwards Rick explained how the difficult birth had squashed her neck and back together, and had a twisted pelvis (which explained why one leg was not moving as much as the other).  As new parents it was excellent to know that our precious and fragile daughter had been given the treatment that she required.  Within days her sleeping pattern was far improved, and her leg movement was back to normal.   Rick explained that over time, potentially her body may have healed itself, but as new parents we really appreciated three to six months of a happy, relaxed child with great sleep patterns!


Over the years we have all been to Shrewsbury Osteopaths when required.  One time when the kids were young, I thought my knee condition had returned.  When I saw Rick, he treated me and to my surprise told me that he couldn’t find anything wrong.  We discussed any changes to my habits, and narrowed it down to bathing the kids, kneeling on the wooden floorboards.  The remedy was to use a cushion.  This highlights the honest and open approach that I have always experienced over the twenty five years of attending the practice.